Startup and video game law, from a Canadian and U.S. perspective


US Provisional Patents

Weekly, we receive phone calls from prospective clients inquiring about provisional patent applications. While provisional patent applications have a number of benefits, especially for cost-conscious startups and entrepreneurs, we too often encounter misconceptions concerning the protections that a provisional patent application provides. In this blog post we will cover what a provision patent application is,...

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Does your Game need a ‘Fan-Content Policy?’

For most businesses, infringement of copyright is going to result in lost profits. But what about businesses where infringement of their IP could lead to more engagement and sales? The video game industry has this issue. Developers and publishers want to benefit from the free marketing that comes with their users creating and sharing content...

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Problems with Stripe Atlas Incorporation for Canadians

We frequently work with Canadian startups operating a U.S. (usually Delaware) company incorporated on their behalf by Stripe Atlas.  On the surface, Stripe’s assistance with incorporating this U.S. company seems convenient and an easy way to meet the U.S. entity requirements to use the Stripe payment processing platform.  However, a number of material issues are...

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Employees Disguised as Contractors

As your company grows, you may be looking to expand your team and add to your workforce. When hiring additional employees or engaging independent contractors you need to be well-aware that an independent contractor may actually be considered an employee, regardless of how you label the person. Employees are entitled to rights pursuant to the...

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