Startup and video game law, from a Canadian and U.S. perspective


Crowdfunding Campaign Standards

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission recently completed its first enforcement action against an undelivered Kickstarter project and resulting in an agreement to repay over $100,000 in campaign pledges.  The FTC alleged that the campaign deceived supporters and spent money on items unrelated to the campaign.   While not all undelivered crowdfunding campaigns will prompt FTC action,...

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Startup Equity Crowdfunding in Canada

New registration and prospectus exemptions adopted in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia permit startups (and other companies) to crowdfund investment in exchange for equity.  Importantly, investors do not need to be accredited or have a previous relationship with the company. What are the company requirements? 1.  Have a head office located...

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