Financing rounds and mergers and acquisitions are defining points in the lifecycle of a startup. From Convertible Notes and SAFEs, to Series A and beyond, we assist your company with its capital raising activities and M&A events, from inception to exit.



We represent startups, seed/angel investors and venture capital funds and work with industry deal documents (e.g. YC SAFE and post-money SAFE, Convertible Notes (Techstars) and Series Seed/NVCA) in both Canadian and U.S. financings. As angel investors ourselves, we’re adept at negotiating investment rounds and apply these skills when assisting investors and companies with financing round structuring and negotiation.

Blockchain Technologies and Token Offerings

Are you concerned that your token offering may require registration with the SEC or concerned that your token may be classified as a ‘security’ pursuant to the Howey Test? We can help you with the fundamental legal issues surrounding blockchain technology and if you need help with more nuanced problems, you won’t have to waste time and money getting your lawyers up to speed on the basics.

U.S. and Canadian Securities Law

Global capital requires legal counsel that understands foreign securities laws. Our lawyers are trained in U.S. and Canadian securities laws and can facilitate investments and compliance with the laws of both countries.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Buying a company’s assets or is it time to sell your company? We facilitate M&A transactions (domestic and cross-border) and counsel on strategic deal structuring to capitalize on the value in your company.

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Startup Investment Cycle

  1. Friends and FAmily Round
    (Common share sale or Convertible Note/SAFE)
  2. Angel/Seed
    (Series Seed/NVCA or Convertible Note/SAFE)
  3. Series A/B/C and Beyond
    (Preferred Shares)


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Convertible Note and SAFE Overview
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