Voyer Law Corporation is a cross-border law firm advising startups and game studios on California and British Columbia corporate and technology law.

Practice Areas

1. Launching Your Company

Incorporation and Corporate Maintenance

We incorporate, structure and maintain your company in Canada and the U.S., prepare shareholders' agreements and advise on corporate structures suitable for angel and venture capital investment.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure (NDA)

We prepare confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure your business plans and rights are protected when you discuss your company with key individuals and companies.

Employees and Independent Contractors

We prepare employment and independent contractor agreements and create equity compensation structures, such as option plans, to award and retain important employees.

2. Technology and Privacy

Intellectual Property Licensing

We prepare intellectual property license, transfer and sale agreements to capitalize on, and protect the value of, your intellectual property.

Terms of Service/Use and End User License Agreements (EULA)

We prepare terms of service/use and end user license agreements and advise on implementation in order to protect your rights and interests while ensuring that your users are bound to the terms.

Privacy Law

The privacy laws of Canada, the United States and Europe may apply to your online data collection practices. We prepare privacy policies, develop internal company policies, structure data collection and review compliance with United States and Canadian privacy law, including COPPA.

Software as a Service Licensing

SaaS requires licensing agreements reflecting the provision of a service instead of software. We prepare SaaS licensing agreements to protect your rights and interests while ensuring that your users are bound by the terms.

3. Angel, Seed and Venture Capital Finance and Securities Law

We represent companies, angel investors and venture capitalists in Canadian and United States financings. Startup financing, and securities law, differs between Canada and the United States and our cross-border practice recognizes and incorporates these differences.

4. Intellectual Property Protection

We counsel on the registration, strategic enforcement and licensing of your patent, copyright and trademark rights from a United States and Canadian legal perspective.


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